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Timshel is a niche consulting company focused on two important cores – professional recruitment and business coaching. We successfully support our clients within those two fields while delivering our expertise and the credibility of work.

Our offer is dedicated to those companies that seek high quality partnership relations, and believe in collaborative approach and open communication between both sides. We are pleased to provide you within the above-mentioned services as well as other consulting solutions. Thanks to our passion we are able to do that.

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As a team of professional Recruiters and Business Partners we are focused on providing an expertise within several cores of business

Our mission is to ensure the most valued services on the
local market and its requirements and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the client’s business.

 Our goal is not to be everything to everyone. It’s to align the best of what we offer with clients who are in need of those solutions and capabilities. To do that, every individual needs to be informed about what our Team has to offer. We are focused on our four important priorities: human capital, partnership relations, open communication and competitive edge.

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Beckman Coulter

Timshel is a trustworthy and dedicated team of professionals in the area of recruitment services. While working with them, you will be able to notice their high flexibility and ability to recognize clients’ needs.



TIMSHEL proved that, they are able to adjust recruitment process to meet our custom expectations. In conjunction with their flexibility we were offered a distinct way of cooperation assisting in all recruitment meetings.



They work closely with our organization and take time to understand all our staffing requirements, providing a dedicated consultant on site to help us during the whole recruitment process. Personalized service, ability to listen to our needs and high pro-activity helps us to finalize recruitment process with great outcome.

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