What we can do for you


As a team of professional Recruiters and Business Partners we are focused on providing an expertise within several cores of business.

Recruitment & executive search

We conduct recruitment projects for managerial and specialist positions with the use of all possible methods of getting through to candidates, such as:

  • social networks, networking;
  • professional advertisements (industry portals);
  • recommendations and connections with our clients and candidates, which have been built for the last several years.

We can also provide you with EXECUTIVE SEARCH. The service is addressed to the clients interested in employing candidates on high and key positions in the organization. The candidates are searched with the use of direct search method.

Tailor made solutions for business and individuals

One of the basic assumption of our company is to create solutions, in a way, that fully responds to customer expectations.

We believe that the accurate diagnosis of customer needs can become the key for further successful cooperation and required result. We also believe that our flexibility, complexity, commitment, transparency and openness are the most valued factors expected from clients. Those factors enables us to create much more competitive and customized solutions.

AC/ DC & competency tests

Development Center is based on the AC methodology, but is used in the diagnosis and evaluation of the  employee’s potential. An invaluable tool mainly used for promotion or internal recruitment in the organization. It contributes to increasing employee’s loyalty and engagement.

Assesment Centre- In the process, by means of properly constructed tasks, we are able to observe the competencies, desired skills for a given position and examine industry knowledge. This is a reliable method used in recruitment processes, which minimizes the “risk” of employing inadequate Candidates.


    We provide a variety of services supporting our clients business, including outsourcing. 

    When you are in need of part time employee, headhunting support, freelancer, switch to our outsourcing services in order to optimize employment costs and to limit administrative tasks that follows direct employment procedures.

      Timshel Services

      Timshel Services is our new business line dedicated to those clients who value quality and those who are looking for a similar approach when it comes to recruitment projects for more junior and specialist vacancies.
      Our team of professional Recruitment Consultants and Researchers will support you in:
      – Administrative and operational roles – Technical and Engineering positions – High volume recruitment projects – Temporary placements
      Considering market changes and current situation we will support you in recruitment projects in various industries.